When Creating a File to Upload to Google Merchant Center, What Format Is Accepted?

When creating a file to upload to Google Merchant Center, what format is accepted?

  • Database file
  • Text or tab delimited file format
  • Word file format
  • Excel file format

Right Answer:

  • Text or tab delimited file format



In a text or tab delimited file format, you will have to enter all your attribute names in the first row itself. You have to separate out those attributes individually with a tab button click.

After that, in the second row, you will have to enter the values pertaining to the individual attributes that you have entered in the first row of the spreadsheet. Use your won spreadsheet program such as the Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets itself, you can upload the same after finishing up with your thing.

There are a few advantages with the usage of this, which are as follows:

  • Simple to create and edit if you have a Spreadsheet Program
  • Easier to view multiple items at once

However, there is a slight possibility of you making a few mistakes since a lot of values need to be checked and are technically crammed in a small space of area.

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