Which Devices Can Shopping Ads Appear On?

Which devices can Shopping ads appear on?

  • Mobile phones
  • Tablets, mobile phones, and desktops
  • Mobile phones and desktops
  • Tablets and desktops

Right Answer:

  • Tablets, mobile phones, and desktops



As far as the Google Network is concerned, it is broken down into various different sub-networks. The answer to the question above suggests that the shopping ads of any particular advertiser can appear on all of the given options, that is:

  • Google Search Partner websites
  • Google Search
  • Google Shopping

Pretty much all of the bases are covered here with these three options, except for the Display Network. There are quite a factors which come into play when your ads are about to be shown on various platforms.

The types of ads you have created, to whom you exactly want to show your ads and especially, how you target your ads make up the final decision.

As the question suggests, shopping ads can appear on tablets, mobile phones and desktops equally. Each medium has it’s own uniqueness and charm. Tablets and Mobile Phones have a larger screen area, thus covering a lot more viewing place for the ads for the viewer.

Mobiles bring in a whole lot more. With a single click, the viewer can actually contact the Advertiser straight away without any particular barriers.

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