Which Email Contact Does Google Use to Notify Merchants About Account Warnings?

Which email contact does Google use to notify merchants about account warnings?

  • Google Ads primary contact
  • Google Merchant Center technical contact
  • Google Merchant Center primary contact
  • Both Google Merchant Center technical contact and primary contact

Right Answer:

  • Google Merchant Center technical contact



Google usually goes ahead with warnings and account suspensions as far as online Merchants are concerned. This is one of the biggest concerns for Merchants who have a varied variety of products online on their respective websites.

  • Sometimes, the products that are on display may not comply with the terms and conditions of Google Ads.
  • It is not to say that your products will not be visible on your own website.
  • It is just that the specific product will be ineligible to be put on Ads in the Google Network.

As an advertiser, you need to constantly keep updating your products and checking on your websites from time to time. If some sort of discrepancy arises, then there may be very little time on your hands. In case if your account gets suspended, Google will contact your Google Merchant Center Technical Contact.

Google will not take the primary account into consideration. Also, you can use all of the other Google products in case your Google Merchant Center is suspended. You will not be ceased from using these.

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