Which Is a Required Attribute when Submitting a Product to Google Merchant Center?

Which is a required attribute when submitting a product to Google Merchant Center?

  • availability_date
  • mobile_link
  • additional_image_link
  • title

Right Answer:

  • title



As far as products are concerned, you will be able to upload the data of your products pretty easily on your account. Firstly, it will take around 3 days for your product to get reviewed in case if you have entered the product data for Google Shopping.

This is usually the average time that is taken by the Google Network to review your products, be it in your own country or any other country.

  • Make sure your feed is compliant to the Product Feed Specifications and the Google Shopping Policies.
  • Any sort of violation in the product data and your products will get disapproved.
  • An extremely troublesome feedback might even lead to your Merchant Center account’s suspension.
  • Thus, you need to take care of that fact and be aware of what you are uploading on your account.

Finally, as an advertiser, you need to update your product data every 30 days. It is done not only to stay relevant to the times but also stay complying to the rules and regulations of the Network. If it cuts through, then the products might get disapproved, leading to unfortunate circumstances.

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