Which Products Should You Submit the Identifier_Exists Attribute with A Value of No For?

Which products should you submit the identifier_exists attribute with a value of no for?

  • bundles
  • new books for pre-order
  • used electronics
  • custom-made clothing

Right Answer:

  • custom-made clothing



These Unique Product Identifiers define the product you are selling in the Global Marketplace. These are also called as UPIs in simple. They distinguish all of your products and help match your products with the search queries with your offers.

The Unique Product Identifiers will be assigned to each and every product by the manufacturer itself so that even though you sell the same product as another retailer the UPIs will remain identical. The common Unique Product Identifiers (UPIs) generally includes of the following:

  • Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs)
  • Manufacturer Part Numbers (MPNs) and
  • Brand Names

Not all products have unique product identifiers but if you have one, especially a GTIN, then providing it can be able to help to make your ads richer and easier for all the users to find. Similarly, if your product doesn’t have any UPI then you should mention that to Google Ads in your product data.

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