Which Should David Do to Better Understand how The Ads for His Local Bakery Have Driven Store Visits and Influenced His Customers’ Buying Habits?

Which should David do to better understand how the ads for his local bakery have driven store visits and influenced his customers’ buying habits?

  • Set up local inventory ads in his Shopping campaign and review his local channel performance
  • Set up Google Analytics for his local storefront and access its various customized data
  • Segment his report by click type and review his local data
  • Enable dynamic tracking URLs for his campaign and set up tracking templates for his local product group

Right Answer:

  • Set up Google Analytics for his local storefront and access its various customized data



Having your local storefront at the forefront of Google is the best thing you can do as an advertiser. That thing will pretty much put you on the map, literally. With that said, people can actually find you out with a simple Google search on their respective devices.

However, just having your local storefront up and running will not help you in the long run as far as shopping campaigns and revenue is concerned. The local storefront also specifies your own information such as your store details like your current location, opening and closing time, and your brand logo.

Setting up Google Analytics for your local storefront will be considered as the final deed. It will help you immensely analyse the behaviour of people who are engaging with your local storefront. With the assistance of Google Analytics, you can easily check the statistics of page views, traffic behaviour and other important data to lead them to your store.

You can do that by mentioning your contact details or pinpointing them to your location accordingly. In order to set up Google Analytics, you need to do these:

  • Choose your setup for Google Analytics
  • Create a Google local storefront property
  • Submit the new tracking ID for activation
  • Setup your reporting dashboard

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