You Can Use a Product Group with A Single Bid To:

You can use a product group with a single bid to:

  • ensure your entire inventory has the same bid
  • organize your ad group by product attributes
  • create different bid modifiers
  • set a new campaign priority

Right Answer:

  • organize your ad group by product attributes


Organised inventory or a product group is a category of your products that is created on Google Ads. In this group or category, the products are selected accordingly based on the data that is entered or transferred to Google Ads.

It is pretty much like the categories on your own website where you set your products depending on their respective characteristics and working pattern. Similarly, based on the exact details, these products will be segregated to form a group which will help Google Ads put out the shopping ads accordingly for the Shopping Campaign.

It is understandable that these products will be advertised on the concerned web or search pages based on what their data is. There are a bunch of details that you need to understand before heading over to creating product groups on your Merchant Center product inventory. Those are as follows:

  • Instead of keywords: Shopping campaigns use product groups instead of keywords to seek relevancy among the viewers.
  • Starting Out: When you begin with the procedure, a product group called “All Products” is created by default.
  • Subdividing Product Groups: You can go ahead with the “All Products” group or you can break it into even more number of groups.
  • Bidding: Set and revise bids for each product group available anytime and anywhere.
  • Products and Filtering: You can exclude a product from appearing in a group by applying inventory filters.

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