________ Targeting Lets Advertisers Place Ads on Specific Websites, You Tube Videos, and You Tube Partner Channels with True View Ads.

________ targeting lets advertisers place ads on specific websites, YouTube videos, and YouTube Partner channels with TrueView ads.

  • Contextual
  • Placement
  • Topic
  • Interest

Right Answer:

  • Placement



Placements are the Locations in Google Display Network where your ads are shown to the customers. A Placement can be either a website, a mobile application, video content, or even an individual unit. If you have chosen a website, video content, or a mobile application specifically then it is considered as the Managed Placement.

  • This managed Placement means adding the placement to the ad groups in your Display network Campaigns.
  • You just have to add like how you add keywords to your ad campaign in campaign settings.
  • If you want to show your ad to the people then your placement should be a part of the Display network.
  • But when it comes to Google Ads, you are needed to compete with other advertisers to show your ads on placements you are interested.

There is an added advantage if the website you select has a mobile app, which is your ad will be displayed in the mobile app also if you choose the website to be your placement. You can add Managed Placements to only certain campaign types such as “Display Network only“, “Search Network with Display Select“, and “Video“.

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