A Click on A Companion Banner:

A click on a companion banner:

  • can direct to an external URL
  • counts as a view even if the person hasn’t watched 30 seconds of the ad
  • can direct to a YouTube channel
  • All of the listed answers are correct

Right Answer:

  • All of the listed answers are correct


The YouTube Companion Banner is a new advertising feature for shopping video ads which can allow users to scroll through a variety of products as the video they are streaming playing next to it. This can be defined as a new TrueView for Shopping videos.

This can be a lot helpful for the users who are interested in looking at the products they are actually interested in. Also, the TrueView for Shopping Platform allows the retailer to showcase their product with all the needed details and Images relevant to that product.

  • This also includes with the ability to click to purchase the product from a brand or from a retailer site.
  • And the most advantageous feature is that all of these can be included in your video ad with the help of the YouTube Companion Banner.

When an in-stream video ad ends or skipped by the user on YouTube the companion banner remains on the YouTube page just like the that and just below the video so that the user can click on the ad at anytime they want to.

You can even set the destination page or landing page for that ad so that when a user clicks on the ad, they will be redirected to the page which you set.

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