A Client Who Wants to Advertise Before, During, or After Popular Videos on The Display Network Should:

A client who wants to advertise before, during, or after popular videos on the Display Network should:

  • add a call-to-action (CTA) overlay to video ads
  • create a video ad campaign
  • bundle display ads for each target audience
  • add the keyword “video” to relevant campaigns

Right Answer:

  • create a video ad campaign



Video ads are an exciting way to reach and engage the audience on YouTube and across the web. You can create and manage your Video Ad Campaigns in Google Ads, using the “Video” campaign type. Depending on the goal of your business, your ad campaign type, specific video ad formats, and bidding strategies are available in Google Ads.

To create a Video Ad campaign, your ad videos must be hosted on YouTube. If you want to run both in-stream and video discovery formats in the same video ad campaign, you will need to create multiple ad groups. There are certain benefits for advertising the ads on YouTube network which are discussed below.

  • Connect with your audience.
  • Reach the right group of audiences.
  • Create a Video Campaign in only a few minutes.
  • Measure your success.

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