Cards Are a Great Way to Increase Engagement with Your Video Ad or Brand. Where Do You Create Cards?

Cards are a great way to increase engagement with your video ad or brand. Where do you create cards?

  • YouTube
  • Google Preferred
  • Google Ads
  • Bumper ads

Right Answer:

  • YouTube


Creating TrueView cards in the YouTube can be able to increase your ad engagement with more customers during the ad campaign. These YouTube cards are seen while you are playing videos on YouTube on the right top corner as a small icon with the letter “i” in it.

Advertisers can tactfully display the following with the help of this YouTube TrueView cards,

  • additional brand information
  • YouTube Videos and
  • Playlists 

With the creating cards option in YouTube, advertisers will soon be able to link their website pages right within the TrueView ad which is kind of an asset for all of those advertisers who are using the Google Ads for advertising.

Advertisers are used to be charged only when someone doesn’t skip the ad but instead watched the complete ad or at least first 30 seconds of the ad.

But with the introduction of the TrueView cards, there will be a lot more chances for the users to click on it, so the advertisers have to change their bidding. YouTube will charge advertiser only when the viewer not to skip the ad or if the viewer clicks on the card or any other elements in the advertiser’s in-stream creative.

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