For Her Latest True View In-Stream Ad, Jacquline’s Primary Goal Is to Get Her Brand Noticed with The 18-25 Year-Old Set. What Could She Incorporate in Her Video to Help Humanize Her Brand?

For her latest TrueView in-stream ad, Jacquline’s primary goal is to get her brand noticed with the 18-25 year-old set. What could she incorporate in her video to help humanize her brand?

  • Feature animation
  • Use humor
  • Collaborate with a YouTube creator
  • Add music

Right Answer:

  • Collaborate with a YouTube creator


As the question suggests, Jacqueline has a primary goal. She is really interested in promoting her brand in full swing. Her target audience is the bracket of 18 to 25 olds. This age group can be considered as the Millenials. This group of people are certainly in their teens to the late youth stage.

  • Tapping into this market is easily manageable if she ends up collaborating with a YouTube Creator.
  • It is understandable that the youth in the World has the access and interest to YouTube, more than any other age group on this planet.
  • They follow it like a cult, more than any other Mainstream Media outlet.

Hence, she can collaborate with any random YouTuber who especially caters to that particular age group. If she does that, her brand will get exposed to the most responsive audience as far as her own brand is concerned. With that being said, there are more chances of conversions than ever before for Jacqueline.

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