How Can You Launch Google Preferred And/or Mastheads Ads?

How can you launch Google Preferred and/or Mastheads ads?

  • In Google Ads
  • With Brand Lift
  • In YouTube
  • Through a Google representative

Right Answer:

  • Through a Google representative


You can buy placements as an advertiser or as an advertising agency on a reservation basis instead of going through the Google Ads Auction. But this is applicable when you want to pay based on the number of impressions or per day.

You can also buy these impressions at a fixed rate on the reservation campaigns. But you should note that the Reservation campaigns have the minimum spend requirements.

  • Advertisers booking Masthead ads are encouraged to participate in a kick-off call with our technical team to discuss and finalize about the specifications, turnaround times, and campaign expectations.
  • Google’s advertising team sends weekly campaign performance reports for your review. You can then request targeting changes to help improve ad performance for your ad campaigns.

Advertisers and agencies can buy reservation advertising campaigns at a fixed rate. You can buy them on cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM) or fixed cost-per-day (CPD) basis. You can also work with the Google advertising team to get a rate estimate and campaign impression goals.

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