If an Advertiser Adds Affinity Audiences and Topics to The Same Targeting Group, a True View Ad Will Show:

If an advertiser adds affinity audiences and topics to the same targeting group, a TrueView ad will show:

  • only on targeted topics
  • only on targeted affinity audiences
  • only when targeted topics and affinity audiences match
  • on targeted topics and affinity audiences

Right Answer:

  • on targeted topics and affinity audiences



Audience targeting methods will let you reach the specific group of audiences you want to reach. Creating audience groups can also be an easy task in Google Ads as you can do that based on their specific interests, Intents, and demographics as estimated by Google. For this method, the following options and features are included:

1. Demographic Groups: You can get to choose the age, gender, parental status or even the household income of the audiences you wanted to reach.

2. Detailed Demographics: With this, you can reach users based on additional board, shared traits such as school students or engineering students in specific, homeowners etc.

3. Video Remarketing: An advertiser can reach views based on their past interactions, search history with your video ads. Google Ads will create a list of users automatically if your Google ads account is already linked with your Google Account.

One can also target audiences with the content he had on their website. So, Content Targeting methods also let you define where you want to show your ads in the Display network. These generally include:

  • Placements – Target specific YouTube channels, website or even web pages etc to display your ads.
  • Keywords – Depending on your video ad format, you can show your ad based on words or phrases.

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