In Which True View Format(s) Can an Advertiser Use a Companion Banner?

In which TrueView format(s) can an advertiser use a companion banner?

  • Video discovery
  • In-stream and video discovery
  • In-stream
  • All of the listed answers are incorrect

Right Answer:

  • In-stream


Companion banner is a type of ad that is visible to the viewer on any YouTube video’s page. It is situated on the top right side of the webpage. It is one of the most efficient use to put up your ads as far as the YouTube website is concerned. The placement of a companion banner is absolutely top notch compared to other ads.

  • The companion banner does not end up blocking the viewing space at all for the viewer.
  • Instead, it takes up the best spot, that is beside the YouTube video itself when the theatre mode is not enabled.
  • When the theatre mode is enabled, it stays right beneath the YouTube video on the right-hand side corner.

The benefits of this specific type of advertisement are that you can link absolutely anything as a landing page. It can be a website, a shopping page, a YouTube page etc. Even the 30-second rule does not apply here. The viewer if once glanced over the ad or even moved their mouse is enough for the ad to have a view registered.

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