The Best Way to Reserve an Ad Is To:

The best way to reserve an ad is to:

  • Create a standard video campaign
  • Contact a Google sales representative
  • Create a reservation campaign in Google Ads
  • Enter specifications on the “Reservation” tab

Right Answer:

  • Contact a Google sales representative


You can buy placements on reservation basis instead of going through the Google Ads auction if you are an advertiser or an ad agency. But in the reservation campaigns, you have to buy the impressions for a fixed rate unlike in the auctions where you can actually bid for less or more as per your requirements and budget.

If you looking to promote your brand or offering a new product or service then it is best for you to advertise on a reservation basis. There are a few things you need to keep in mind about the reservation campaigns implemented by Google’s Advertising team online.

  • Reservation Campaigns have minimum speed requirements.
  • Google advertising team sends a weekly campaign report for your review.
  • You can even request any changes in targeting which can be helpful to improve your ad performance.

There are even so many benefits for the advertising campaigns on a reservation basis. The below are some of them which can be listed as benefits.

  • More control over your ad campaigns as you can buy the impressions at a fixed rate.
  • You can even run ads on the YouTube homepage with high visibility.

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