The Most Effective Way to Control the Number of Times Someone Sees an Ad Is By:

The most effective way to control the number of times someone sees an ad is by:

  • Setting a frequency cap
  • Monitoring audience retention metrics with YouTube Analytics
  • Lowering bidding levels
  • Setting a lower cost-per-view (CPV) bid at the target group level

Right Answer:

  • Setting a frequency cap


Frequency Capping is a feature which you find in Google Ads with which you can control how many times an ad should appear for the same user in the Google Display Network. As we all know that the frequency is just the average number of times a unique user sees your ad in the first position over a given time of period.

An advertiser always uses the Frequency Capping to control the maximum number of times that he/she wanted to show their ad to the same person on the Display network. You can get started by selecting the campaign from your Google Ads account and editing your campaign settings. You will find the option “Frequency Capping” in that list of settings.

With this tool, you can set the limit for the number of impressions you will allow a unique user to have per day, per week or per month. You can also choose whether the limit is applied to each ad group or campaign. An ad is counted as viewable only when 50% or more of the ad shows for second or longer for display ads.

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