Tom Has His Sights Set on This True View In-Stream Ad Launching His New Food Truck Company App. What Creative Element Encourages His Customers to Interact with The Ad and Actually Take Action?

Tom has his sights set on this TrueView in-stream ad launching his new food truck company app. What creative element encourages his customers to interact with the ad and actually take action?

  • His company’s brand name
  • A direct call-to-action (CTA)
  • His company logo
  • Background music

Right Answer:

  • A direct call-to-action (CTA)


A Direct Call-to-action (CTA) overlay in the TrueView video can help the advertiser to increase the reach of the audience as if anyone interested in the product or want to know anything about the business they can just click on the CTA Overlay to make a call from their mobile device which can be considered user-friendly.

  • In this way, the advertiser can know the group of audiences who are reacting to their video ad.
  • Performance of the ad and the results can be able to help the advertiser to make the necessary changes in the ad campaign so that the ad campaign will more effectively than before.
  • Changing the keywords, targeting the specific audience, remarketing are some of the changes which are done usually by the Advertiser after analyzing the performance data.

Call-to-Action (CTA) overlay is one of the conversions, the desired action you want to take to your site, which provides the phone number of the business at the tips of the user so that the audience can get to contact you whenever they want to.

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