True or False: IP Address Exclusion Is Not Available for True View Campaigns.

True or False: IP address exclusion is not available for TrueView campaigns.

  • False
  • True

Right Answer:

  • True


Sometimes, as an advertiser, you want to blacklist certain IPs so that the impressions of the ads from a particular ad campaign are not shown. This is specifically done with respect to one’s own ad campaign. Having said that, advertisers would love to have more ad revenue than they are usually getting.

But at times, one’s own network or the employees in your own company will be interested in checking the number of impressions or conversions on your own ad. Since the clicks are counted no matter what, at this point in time, as an advertiser, it is your job to take care of the same.

By doing so, you will get the legitimate number of clicks and impressions on your ads from the concerned ad campaign. If not, then your own clicks will also be counted and at times, might lead to incorrect results and increased ad budgets since the ads will cost more. Irrespective of who is clicking on the ads or not.

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