Using a Variety of Google Tools, Jose Was Able to Glean Insight Into Jean Preferences for The Area of Chicago in Which His New Store Is Opening. However, He Has Plans to Expand Nationally! What Google Tool Could He Use to Get Insight Into Trends and Popularity of Products Across the U.S.?

Using a variety of Google tools, Jose was able to glean insight into jean preferences for the area of Chicago in which his new store is opening. However, he has plans to expand nationally! What Google tool could he use to get insight into trends and popularity of products across the U.S.?

  • Google Shopping Insights
  • Google Surveys
  • Google Correlate
  • Google Trends

Right Answer:

  • Google Shopping Insights


Google Shopping Insights is an arm of Google Advertising in which you can enlighten yourself as an advertiser on where and how to lead an impressive Ad Campaign for the users or viewers on the Google Networks. It is a very profitable and insightful thing to take help of as an advertiser. You will be able to see how the shoppers proceed ahead and what they exactly want.

The reports and data that you can have a look at and go through for better insights are as follows:

  • Compare products over time
  • Trends in your category
  • Popular and trending products

With the help of these three options, not only will you be see what people are going through in the shopping realm on a day to day basis, but also you will be able to check out the most reliable keywords and product groups which you can promote in your ad campaign and have a much more fruitful string of returns.

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