Video Campaigns Can Help Advertisers Optimize For:

Video campaigns can help advertisers optimize for:

  • impressions
  • conversions
  • views and engagements
  • clicks

Right Answer:

  • views and engagements


There are different types of advertisement campaigns when it comes to Google Networks. All of the given options are significant in their own way possible. Those are as follows:

  • Search Network
  • Display Network
  • Search Network with Display Select
  • Video
  • Universal App
  • Shopping

Now, it is clear that when it comes to YouTube, Video advertisements are the ones that take the centre stage. In the case of video advertisements, there are two things are the most important parameters, when it comes to analysing the progress of an advertisement campaign, as the question stated:

  • Views
  • Engagement

A view is generally considered when the video advertisement is watched for a period of more than 30 seconds. If a viewer watches the advertisement on their screen running for more than 30 seconds, it is considered a view. Similarly, engagement is the activity when the viewer clicks on the advertisement and ends up at the landing page.

Usually, it can be counted as a Click or Impression as well, however, it is much more profound and has the possibility of yielding a benefit compared to former parameters.

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