What Are the Targeting Options for Mastheads?

What are the targeting options for Mastheads?

  • Topics and remarketing
  • Affinity and remarketing
  • Visitors to the YouTube homepage in a targeted country
  • Affinity, remarketing, and topics

Right Answer:

  • Visitors to the YouTube homepage in a targeted country



Any advertiser can take advantage of the outbound marketing tactics with the help of the YouTube Masthead. A YouTube Masthead is nothing but a digital billboard which will be displayed on YouTube’s homepage for 24 hours and reaching to 60 million people roughly.

Every YouTube should have to see the ad for sure as it will be displayed on homepage, place where everyone visit first if they type in YouTube URL in their browsers.

But the important point is that it will be displayed on the YouTube homepage without targeting any group of audience. So it might not be effective for local companies. This ad type is best used by companies who want to maximize their brand awareness and who have the budget to do it without hesitation.

  • As YouTube Masthead is a homepage ad type which doesn’t appear layered on other videos as TrueView In-stream or Discovery ads.
  • The only thing it can do is to appear on the network’s homepage and cannot be able to target any group of users based on theri search history.
  • The other thing you can select is the country where your ad will be shown to the people or users in that country.

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