What Can You Use to Connect with People Based on Their Purchase Intent?

What can you use to connect with people based on their purchase intent?

  • Custom affinity audiences
  • Similar Audiences
  • Google’s in-market audiences
  • Customer Match

Right Answer:

  • Google’s in-market audiences


The in-market audience is a powerful marketing tool which is used to reach users who are researching for a particular product in the online market. Also, it was available only for Display and YouTube campaigns which were later expanded them to Search campaigns in recent times.

This tool will use the Google most powerful machine learning to analyze the search queries of all users along the internet and the user website’s behavior to identify them who are in-market to purchase a product. In-market audiences always search for specific things on the internet such as travel backpacks, places to travel in India etc.

In order to set up an in-market audience for search campaigns using the Google Ads, you must follow the following steps.

  • Navigate to an existing Search Campaign in your Campaigns list.
  • Find the “Audiences tab” in there.
  • Select the “pencil icon” to edit the campaign settings.
  • Select your Campaign or Ad group.
  • Select “Observation” from the list and then select “What they’re actively researching or planning“.

Now you can get to select a list of in-market audience categories for your search ad campaign.

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