What Do Earned Actions Measure?

What do earned actions measure?

  • Earned visits to the website, earned views, and earned comments
  • Earned conversions
  • Earned views, earned comments, and earned likes
  • Earned visits to the website and earned comments

Right Answer:

  • Earned views, earned comments, and earned likes



Earner Views increases if a YouTube viewer or any user watches subsequent videos on your YouTube channel or Watch pages. This type of earned action increments whether or not someone chooses to watch the same video again or any other video on your channel.

  • Similarly Earned Likes happens whenever a viewer likes your video.
  • Also Earned Comments happen when a YouTube viewer comments on your video.
  • Generally, these views show the number of times people watched or engaged with your video ad.

Even TrueView video ads will also be counted towards your public YouTube view count only if a video is longer than 11 seconds. There are different metrics which are used to analyze the performance of your video ads.

All the metrics in the YouTube such as impressions, views, engagement, and clicks can be analyzed from the dashboard and also you can be able to look at the type of the audience you are reaching.

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