What Percentage of Video Views on Youtube Come from Mobile Devices?

What percentage of video views on YouTube come from mobile devices?

  • Almost 25%
  • More than 60%
  • More than 75%
  • Almost 15%

Right Answer:

  • More than 60%



As the answer suggests, nowadays, the majority of the viewers on YouTube are from the mobile devices only. Even though laptops and desktops are the most used when it comes to a stationary situation, the presence of mobiles nullifies it, especially with the portability option that it provides to each and every one that uses.

  • People tend to use mobile devices more than the laptops and the desktops, simply because of this very reason.
  • The ability to use mobile devices is much easier due to the compactness and the portability of it.
  • Keeping the same thing in mind, advertisers are pushing more and more ads to the mobile devices.

Having said that, the rise of popularity and usage in mobile devices which allowed users to browse the internet gave rise to a whole new spectrum of advertisements and viewership. The customer base of both the sides has increased exponentially due to this very reason. In the next few years, it might increase to a bit more.

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