What’s an Example of A Managed Placement for A True View In-Stream Ad?

What’s an example of a managed placement for a TrueView in-stream ad?

  • A website on the Display Network
  • All of the listed answers are correct
  • A specific YouTube video
  • A YouTube channel

Right Answer:

  • All of the listed answers are correct



A Placement is a location where you want your ads to appear in the Google Display network. Similarly, the Managed Placement is a targeting method an advertiser use to specifically choose websites, videos, and apps which are the part of the Google Display Network to show your ads to the users.

Your ads are placed on listed sites automatically for you, unlike the keyword and language targeting methods.

These Managed Placements are an optional feature which can help you to have more control over the web pages, videos, and apps in the Google Display network where you can show your ads. If you know any website where your users spend more time, you can even add that website as a Managed Placement for your video ads.

But the Managed Placements can only be used in certain campaign types such as

  • Display Network Only
  • Search Network with Display Select

You can even use this feature to assign a unique bid to a specific webpage. So that if your ad performs well on that certain webpage, then you can use Managed Placement and set a higher bid for that ad.

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