What’s the View Rate of A Google Ads Campaign that Shows 10,000 Impressions, 900 Views, and 300 Clicks?

What’s the view rate of a Google Ads campaign that shows 10,000 impressions, 900 views, and 300 clicks?

  • 0.02
  • 0.11
  • 0.2
  • 0.09

Right Answer:

  • 0.09



To create any video ad, that video should be first hosted on YouTube. So that the views for your video ads will directly increase the number of views on YouTube too. The change can be seen on YouTube’s Watch page and within your Google account reports.

There are some key metrics which are included in your video campaigns as well. Those metrics are now briefly explained below with basic details below.

1. Core Performance: This metric can provide you the details of the Number of views for your ad, View rate, Average Click per View you can get for your video ad, Watch time and also the Average Watch time per impression you get for your ad.

2. Click Performance: Clicks option in this metric can be able to show you the number of times people have clicked on your video which can help you to understand how well your ad is reaching people online. Also, Click through rate can also be shown to you through this Click performance report.

3. Engagement Performance: Engagements can show you the number of clicks you are getting for your ad on the interactive elements, such as on icons to expand any cards on your video ad.

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