When Is Someone Added to An Advertiser’s Video Remarketing List?

When is someone added to an advertiser’s video remarketing list?

  • When she views the ad
  • When she clicks the ad
  • When she purchases something from the advertiser’s website
  • When she views the ad for the second time

Right Answer:

  • When she views the ad



Remarketing Lists is a collection of website visitors and app users who are added by snippets of code and added to your website. When you create a list, you set rules for when visitors or users should be added to the list. You can also specify the membership for each visitor like for how long do you want the visitor to stay on the list.

Once you create a remarketing list, you need the names of visitors to be added to your ad campaigns on YouTube and can start the group ad targeting so that you can show the ads of your website on your YouTube channel to those users on your lists. The following are the benefits of remarketing for the YouTube Viewers.

  • Improved ROI
  • Broader scope
  • Efficient pricing
  • Flexibility

A unique user or any YouTube viewer will be added to the Remarketing list if the user views any ad of yours on any YouTube Homepage or during, before, or after she watch any video.

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