Which Ad Format Gives Viewers the Choice of Whether or Not to Watch Your Ad, and Helps Drive Brand Consideration?

Which ad format gives viewers the choice of whether or not to watch your ad, and helps drive brand consideration?

  • Google Preferred
  • Mastheads
  • Bumper ads
  • TrueView ads

Right Answer:

  • TrueView ads



In Google Ads, one might gets confused on which ad format to choose for their video ads as each ad format offers unique opportunities for you to attract the customers with all the creative content and messages in that video ad.

  • This is why you should know your audience their behavior patterns so that you can think of ways to reach them.
  • Engaging content to your customers will always be a winner and a standard strategy.

Also, finding ways to drive traffic or content related topics that you own will always drive more and more customers to come back for your website for more. TrueView in-stream Video ads and TrueView video discovery ads are the ad groups which are provided to the advertiser with multiple formats.

With YouTube, you can gain a new customer by showing them the meaningful, genuine and engaging content related to your video ads will actually increase the number of your potential customers. For you to get the most out of YouTube, you will need to create video content which helps to build a relationship with YouTube users.

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