Which Can Be Done in You Tube Analytics?

Which can be done in YouTube Analytics?

  • Check engagement reports
  • Check the conversion volume
  • Check the count of TrueView earned actions
  • Create remarketing lists

Right Answer:

  • Check engagement reports


At present, in this competitive Digital Marketing universe, Video ads can be the best way to interact with people and also to increase the awareness of your brand to the users online.

People always subscribe to the channel which creates the videos most people are interested in and also they engage with the advertiser by commenting or sharing the video on their behalf.

  • This sharing of the video ad can be a lot like mouth publicity where your brand will get more reach.
  • YouTube Analytics divides these kinds of statistics in different ways in which that more people can get to interact with you.

This usually varies from subscribing to your channel to how many people comment or share your video. And another point for you to note is that the YouTube Analytics report only includes the data of the shares which are done from the social media options on the YouTube watch page.

The Analytics report doesn’t include the shares via an embedded link, email or copy/paste the generated link.

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