Which of These Can Be Created to Run on The Display Network?

Which of these can be created to run on the Display Network?

  • Dynamic ads
  • Homepage expandable Masthead ads
  • Lightbox ads
  • TrueView ads and Dynamic ads

Right Answer:

  • Lightbox ads



Google Ads is split into two networks namely Search Network and Display network. When you are running ad campaigns in Search network, your text ads are placed in between the search engine results whereas in Display network your display ads are placed in huge network site across the internet.

Display ads are the visual banner ads which are generally seen in any of the advertising-supported sites where the ads are always highlighted. And also, these Display ads are shown on Display network as those can be able to reach over 90% of global internet users expanding across 2 million sites.

There are several tips for you if you are going to display your ads on the Google Display network which are listed below.

  • Start with Remarketing when it comes to Display network as you should know your customers’ behavior.
  • Utilize the Managed placements as they are the only targeting methods which give control over the ads to the advertiser.
  • Let your budget guide on which campaign to select or how to run your campaign.
  • You should create the ads in every possible format.

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