Which Targeting Option Allows You to Re-Engage with People Who Visited Your Site by Serving Them Ads Containing the Products They Viewed on Their Visit?

Which targeting option allows you to re-engage with people who visited your site by serving them ads containing the products they viewed on their visit?

  • Dynamic remarketing
  • Similar audiences
  • Display remarketing
  • Topic targeting

Right Answer:

  • Dynamic remarketing



One should have to re-engage or remarket with the customers who have already shown interest in your business to quickly improve your ad campaign performance which in turn increases your business.

For that, you should know why your customers haven’t shown interest from then and what they have searched for on your business website. With these two, one can get an idea of how to make changes in the ad campaign and also how to remarket.

Focussing on your existing and previous customers at different points in the customer journey. There are some general tips you should keep in mind for both customer engagement and re-engagement. These tips are mentioned below.

  • One should get to understand your online platforms very deeply.
  • Touchpoints or interactions of customers with your website matters a lot.
  • An Advertiser can use the customer data tracking strategies.
  • Consistency and Value in your products can always bring back the customers you lost.
  • Re-Target a group of audience to re-engage with the customer to increase your brand awareness.

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