With a Masthead Ad, an Advertiser Can Reserve:

With a Masthead ad, an advertiser can reserve:

  • Specific channels
  • The YouTube homepage
  • YouTube search pages
  • Specific videos

Right Answer:

  • The YouTube homepage



There are different types of advertisements whose services can be used by the advertisers of any type of brand. These advertisements are helpful when it comes to reaching a particular type of audience. There are a few options which help the advertisers when it comes to pinpointing the most favourable audience their brand is suitable for.

The different types of advertisements on YouTube are as follows:

  • Masthead Ads
  • Banner Ads
  • Skippable Ads
  • Unskippable Ads etc.

When it comes to Masthead Ads, the advertisers can reserve the YouTube homepage for their advertisements to be shown. By doing so, the particular advertiser can promote their brands to a much bigger audience in a relatively smaller time period.

With bigger brands, it is actually easy since smaller brands will have a lot of irrelevant viewers interacting with the advertisement.

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