You Want to Plan You Tube Media in Terms of Reach and Frequency, Talk in Terms of Gr Ps and Cost per Points. What Google Measurement Solution Will You Use?

You want to plan YouTube media in terms of reach and frequency, talk in terms of GRPs and cost per points. What Google measurement solution will you use?

  • Sales Lift
  • Google’s reach solutions
  • Brand Lift
  • Google Consumer Surveys

Right Answer:

  • Google’s reach solutions


Google’s Reach Solutions talks about the various ways where an advertiser can reach the maximum number of relevant people as far as their promotions are concerned.

It is an easy yet tricky thing to take notes of because the audience is still a very volatile target. Irrespective of that, you can easily see through the most basic patterns and go ahead with it.

The different ways you can reach out to more number of people is as follows:

  • Based on their Interests and Behaviours
  • Based on their Purchase Intent
  • With a Personalised Approach

As you can see with the options mentioned above, first of all, interests and behaviours drive a lot of people and the emotions behind them. As a marketeer, you need to tap that as quickly as possible. In the heat of the moment, people will be driven by themselves to get their hands on it. Besides, purchase intent also matters when they are capable of it as well.

Finally, a personalised approach will keep the user interested in your product or service for more time than normal. That increases the chance as well.

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