You Work for An Advertiser or Agency with An Upfront Deal. What Is the Best Way to Reserve Google Preferred Inventory?

You work for an advertiser or agency with an upfront deal. What is the best way to reserve Google Preferred inventory?

  • Through a Google representative
  • Through a third-party provider
  • Google Ads
  • YouTube

Right Answer:

  • Through a Google representative


Google Preferred is a YouTube program that allows advertisers to pay to place their ads on extremely well-performing videos on the site. By doing this, advertisers will be able to target the most active and interactive group of people who use one of the biggest video sharing websites in the history of the Internet.

The program segregates YouTube’s most popular channels into these brackets:

  • 18 – 34-year-old group
  • Most popular 5% of YouTube Content

These two parameters are then taken and then converted back into 12 different sub-categories. With the help of this, the advertisers can specifically pinpoint where exactly their ad should go and they can rake in high percentages of conversions without a lot of effort. Getting this done through a Google Representative is one of the best ideas.

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