You’re an Agency that Needs to Know the Technical Specifications to Build and Implement Your Upcoming Video Campaign. Where Can You Go to Find out How Each Ad Format Works, Creative Submission Timelines, Technical Specifications, Reporting, and Third-Party Tracking Capabilities?

You’re an agency that needs to know the technical specifications to build and implement your upcoming video campaign. Where can you go to find out how each ad format works, creative submission timelines, technical specifications, reporting, and third-party tracking capabilities?

  • In the Google Ads Help Center
  • Through the third-party request form
  • Through a Google representative
  • In the Google Display Specifications site

Right Answer:

  • Through the third-party request form


One can easily track the form submissions with the help of Google Analytics. To track down the submissions all you need to at first is to enable the respective plugin in your Google analytics account.

After that, you can be able to track, review each and every activity and also the data in your Google Analytics account. Follow the below steps if you want to enable the plugin.

  • Sign in to your formstack account.
  • Choose the form to which you want to add the plugin.
  • Go to the settings tab and Click on the “Plugin“.
  • Then go to “Google Analytics” and click on the “Add” button.

Enter your Google Tracking ID which can be found in your Google Analytics account under the admin channel. Once you add the plugin all the submission activities are tracked from your Google Analytics account. You can review those just by logging in to your Analytics account.

if you want to find the event tracking in your Google Analytics account, go to the left sidebar, go to the Behavior, and then to Events. Then go to Overview where you can view the tracking and review the data. All the events in Analytics can be tracked with three attributes namely Category, Action, and Label.

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